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Jackets and Coats

Technical windbreaker Jacket | Marino

Technical windbreaker Jacket | Marino

49,95 €

Technical windbreaker Jacket | Musgo

Technical windbreaker Jacket | Musgo

49,95 €

During winter, men's jackets and coats not only serve to protect us from the cold, but they are also an expression of our personal style. At La Garrocha, we have a wide variety of designs, from formal jackets to plus size coats. But do you know how to combine them to be perfect for any occasion?

Jackets and coats in La Garrocha

At La Garrocha you will find the latest trends in men's jackets and coats. Carefully designed garments that stand out for their style, quality and comfort.

Jackets or coats? What to wear and how to combine on each occasion

Both jackets and coats are very versatile garments that allow you to create unique and stylish looks, and can be combined with different garments and accessories to give it a personal touch.

Winter jackets

Outfits with winter jackets for men are ideal for a casual and casual look. Combine it with jeans and boots for an urban and contemporary style.


The men's cardigan is a very versatile garment. If you are looking for a casual and elegant look, combine it with jeans and sneakers. In office settings, wear it over a dress shirt with chinos. But you can also use it as a light coat or give it an urban sporty touch with sneakers.


The parka is the perfect ally for the coldest days. The main difference between a coat and a parka is that the coat is usually longer and more formal, while a parka is usually more sporty and casual in design.

The parka's design is wind and water resistant, making it an ideal option for colder, rainier days. Combine it with chinos and boots for an elegant look without sacrificing comfort.

Dress jackets

For more formal occasions, men's dress jackets are the best choice, as they add a touch of sophistication to your image. Pair them with dress pants and Oxford shoes for a polished look at special events or nights out.

Short jackets

Are you wondering how to combine short jackets? Cropped jackets offer versatility and style. For a casual look, you can wear a t-shirt. If you are looking for a more elegant style, you can combine it with sweaters.

Saharan jackets

The men's safari jacket is a versatile, military-inspired garment that is highly versatile. For a casual look, combine it with jeans and a long-sleeved polo shirt. For a more sophisticated look, wear it over a shirt with chinos.

Plus size jackets and coats

At La Garrocha we also have a wide variety of men's jackets and coats in large sizes that adapt to any style, so you can find garments that not only fit your size and that you feel comfortable in, but also reflect your personal style, demonstrating that style has no limits.

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