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At La Garrocha, fashion and functionality come together to offer you a collection of fleeces that will not only protect you from the cold, but will also allow you to highlight your true personality. So you don't have to give up style for warmth.

Whether you are looking for comfort for outdoor activities or giving a more modern touch to your urban outfits, in our catalog you will always find the perfect garment.

Fleece for men on the pole: elegance and warmth in one

Our designs are not only designed to keep you warm, but also to be worn with style. In our men's fleece section, you will find a wide variety of options, from the classic navy blue fleece vest to modern designs that follow the latest trends.

Furthermore, at La Garrocha, we believe that fashion should not have size restrictions, which is why in our catalog you will find standard sizes and large size vests, including options such as 3XL vests. No matter what your size, you will always find a fleece vest that suits your style and gives you the warmth you need.

How to combine polar fleeces? Practical tips

Beyond being simple garments to protect us from the cold, fleeces can be true canvases of style, opening up a wide range of possibilities to express our personality.

Below we explain what to combine a fleece with so that you can include it in different ways in your daily looks. From the most casual and relaxed outfits to more elegant and urban options.

1. Casual and relaxed style: match with jeans and T-shirt

For a more casual look, you can pair your fleece vest with comfortable jeans and a basic t-shirt. A relaxed look, but with a touch of style that is ideal for going out for a walk in the city or an informal meeting with friends on the weekend. You can complete this outfit with some sneakers.

2. Urban elegance: fleece vest over shirt and dress pants

The fleece vest is not only an ideal garment for more informal occasions, but also to stand out at more formal events. If you're looking for a more sophisticated look, you can wear your fleece vest over a dress shirt and appropriate pants. To put the finishing touch, as accessories, you can add some dress shoes and a watch.

3. Tech Style: Fleece Jacket Over Hoodie

The fleece jacket can also be a key piece in technical and training outfits. In this sense, you can wear it with a hoodie. The combination of fabrics and styles creates a modern and relaxed aesthetic. This way, you will not only be warmer in winter, but you will also give your look a more modern and casual touch. For your workouts, complement the outfit with some tight pants.

In short, La Garrocha not only offers you ideal clothing to keep you warm in winter, but also opens a world of possibilities to express your most personal style. Our fleeces adapt to any occasion. Versatile, comfortable and modern garments with which you can create unique outfits to stand out. With La Garrocha, winter can also be a season to look stylish, where warmth and fashion are reflected in every detail.

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